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The videos are what we are about, they say a picture is worth a 1000 words, what is a video worth? More than we know, but God knows... Enjoy them and thanks!

About US is a family run organization that provides its fans with the best purity rings and abstinence based products money can buy! Our purpose and mind set is to encourage people on the quest for PURITY and to offer cool, quality purity themed items you can wear. It's not a fashion statement but a statement of your faith and is to be used as constant reminder to strengthen your vow to be pure. Our products are designed not only to encourage but to open up meaningful conversation on what it means to be pure.

You do not have to be a young or old to seek purity. There are 10 Bible verses that make it clear that true purity should encompass every detail of our lives. It is not just a matter of abstaining from sexual desires before marriage. It is a matter of the heart, of our motives, and, ultimately, our true love for God. If we honestly and truly love God, we will make every effort to be pure before him - in our bodies, hearts and our minds. This is the truth we live by and share.